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Investment consulting

Real valuation of our clients' portfolios 4Q/2023

Equity-focused portfolios outperformed 2021 values, putting clients into positive territory for the first time in a while. We have had a very successful 6 months where equity titles have risen and we have also been able to write down accumulated losses to bond funds, which has been particularly evident in the performance of the "regular portfolio". 

Our clients' money is performing as expected and without significant volatility, which is delivering interesting appreciation and a peaceful sleep. We target a positive return in the range of 7 - 9% in 2024. The Czech National Bank continues to further reduce interbank rates and with inflation falling, our solutions will also be more interesting compared to traditional savings accounts and time deposits. At the moment, we can very well replace similar products with a solution that will continue to generate a return of around 6% per annum while maintaining minimal risk of losing months.

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