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Investment consulting

We have successes

For 15 years, we've been taking care of your assets and finding solutions to help you preserve what you've built, protect your lifestyle and grow your wealth.

Since 2007

Nothing to wait for, money has to work

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Comprehensive, confidential, independent

Investment advice

We help your property work better. We manage the money of many wealthy families, professional athletes, businesses, municipalities and foundations.

Flexible solutions

We are available when you need us. We will never have hundreds of clients because we want to do our job well.

Personal approach

Each solution is tailor-made for you and is adjusted over time to reflect your current needs.


Many years of experience in the banking environment means that for us "banking secrecy" is not just an empty concept, but a priority. 


We can help you navigate the investment opportunities on offer. Thanks to our analyses, you will always know which ones are good and which ones to avoid.


At Minefi, consulting is not just about choosing the right products, that's where our work begins. 

It all starts with a no-obligation personal meeting where we communicate our expectations and ideas for cooperation. If we agree together, this is the first step on a journey that will enrich us not only professionally but also humanly.

We offer personal experience, many years of experience and professionalism gained in the private banking of large banks. 

Saving time

Rely on our experience. We monitor portfolio developments and market events for you. We proactively suggest appropriate changes so that your money always works to the maximum. You can concentrate on your work or spend time with your family and hobbies.


You will regularly receive a clear and easy-to-understand report on the current status of your investments, along with commentary and recommendations. We are constantly educating ourselves, gathering information and sharing it with you.


We open and manage accounts with reputable investment companies always in your name. You only send money to your accounts and all transactions are authorized to ensure 100% security.

Exceptional products

We will provide you with access to a wide range of exceptional products that are normally only available to private banking clients. We cooperate with all major banks in the Czech Republic and we can also advise you on opening an account abroad.

Restful sleep

We don't chase returns, we don't try to invest at the "right" moment. We work with money so that, with a reasonable degree of risk, it will bring maximum returns, whatever the situation on the markets. This ensures that not only do we sleep well, but our clients do too.


We can handle all the administration in person, but also online. Document signings, meetings, modifications to existing products and terminations.  You can see the status of your portfolio whenever you need to.

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